Subject Specific Resources


Inside Art
An educational web adventure.  

Picasso Cubism - abstract art
This is a great lesson on Picasso - part of our investigation into the history of art. 

Google Virtual Tours
Explore famous and significant art galleries and historic sites.  




Resources from BT French teachers


Go Noodle
We will use this in the classroom as a body break, particularly on rainy days.  

Language Arts


Junior Tumblebooks Cloud

Storyline Online

Cloud Gear Learning
Resources to support writing, including the TOWER writing strategy. 

Merriam Webster Dictionary
Use this link when completing your word work.  


Khan Academy
This site provides additional practice questions.  The 4-4 code is NUTXF6.

Sudoku Puzzles
Sudoku puzzles are fun and great way to practice logical thinking skills.  

A great resource for students that is a great supplement to our math program.  Students show complete 5 lessons a week, and try to go on Dreambox three separate times during the week.  

Caribou contests
Math contests out of Brock University - an excellent resource for students who want to challenge themselves.  

This is a fun math game to play sometimes!  Our class code is RCT6VQ.  

Math and Business Games for Kids
This is a great selection of math games and resources.  Check it out!  

Math Frog
Fun resources and on-line games from the University of Waterloo.  We will use some of these throughout the year.  

Interactive math supports for students in Ontario.  


Biomes of the World

Interactive Rock Cycle
This is the link for our Science Station.  

An Exit Pass for Light
Please click on the link to complete!  

Social Studies

Canadian Atlas

Play this game for station #3.