Professional Resources

Teaching Resources

Mathies Activities
These are activities to support the learning tools in Mathies (the link for which is here, but also in student resources).

ETFO assessment resources
A great resource put together by ETFO focussing on assessment. 

Cloud Gear Learning
This is an extensive resource that supports research and writing.  

Social Justice Begins With Me
This is a fantastic resource developed by ETFO that organizes resources for Social Justice around ten montly themes.  

Education World (Integration)
This is an extensive web-site; the link takes you to a specific article about math integration.  

Resources for Rethinking
Lesson plans and resources connected to outdoor education and the environment, put together by Learning for a Sustainable Future.  

Youcubed focussed on a growth mindset, collaboration, and creativity.  

This is a new to me resource that I am excited to try this year.  Flipgrid facilitates discussion through video responses.  

The Learning Exchange
A site that shares research-based educational tools, including video series produced by the Ontario Ministry of Education.  This is an extensive resource, and of interest to me are resources integrating math and social justice.  


The Cornerstone for Teachers
Ideas regarding workload and classroom management - read '8 ways teachers can talk less and get kids talking more'.

Learning in Hand
The web-site and blog posts of Tony Vincent.  

Discussion on how to facilitate student voice and choice.  

Education Journey
This blog includes some good lesson ideas; it is directed to the math section.  


Kids love a good Kahoot - interactive contests that are very energizing.  

Show What You Know Infographic
A really great visual highlighting technology resources.

Blooming Apps
This is an impressive and extensive resource, developed by Kathy Schrock.  It connects apps to Bloom's Taxonomy with a live link.  Pretty cool!

Google Drawings
Some dynamic ideas about incorporating Google Drawings into the classroom.  

CS First
This looks like an amazing resource that supports coding in Scratch.