Other Student Resources

Body Breaks

Go Noodle
We will use this in the classroom as a body break, particularly on rainy days.  

Mindful Music
I find these videos to be very calming, and play them in the classroom.  


Hour of Code
Hour of Code is a great introduction to coding.  Check it out!  

Canada Learning Code
This site collaboratively provides technology education.  

Games & Puzzles

Sudoku Puzzles
Sudoku puzzles are fun and great way to practice logical thinking skills.  

Math Frog
Fun resources and on-line games from the University of Waterloo.  

TVO mPower
Fun games that support the Ontario curriculum.  You do need to sign up for an account.  

This is the link you use when we play a Kahoot in the classroom.  


Dance Mat Typing
A fun way to practice touch typing.  

Typing Club
An excellent program to practice typing.  


Caribou contests
Math contests out of Brock University - an excellent resource for students who want to challenge themselves.  

Multiplication Chart
This is a great resource - use it Multiplication Mania!!!! 

Interactive math supports and virtual manipulatives.  

My Blueprint
This is an important resource for career planning, and where we will keep our portfolio information. 

Interactive Geoboard
This is a great program to use!