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Spring does appear to be slowly emerging, although the cool temperatures mean that students should continue to wear warm clothes.  We have been trying to get outside as often as possible; we have been walking to the nearby pond on a regular basis, and have noticed many different types of bird and plant life.  We have also noticed how the environment has been affected by lots of garbage, which is noteable and surprising.  This connects to our new unit on Habitats, how people can have an affect on the environment.  

As discussed with the class, we generally focus on either Science or Social Studies, work that is then integrated as much as possible with Literacy and Numeracy.  For the next few months, we will be looking both at Ancient Civilizations (Social Studies) as well as Habitats (Science).  This will connect nicely with our overall learning theme or goal of "We Learn about the Past to Understand the Present and Prepare for the Future."  We will learn about the past through a research inquiry about an ancient civilization, learn about the present through the investigation of a habitat, and the think about the future in some urban planning work in math.  

We have launched our speeches!  This is always a very fun and exciting project for the class to work on.  I have sent home information and a calendar so that student work can be tracked.  We will be writing the speeches in class, but some of the preliminary work will be completed at home.  

In math, we are well into our unit on multiplication.  The students are learning about several different strategies, as well as playing lots of games to help learn our multiplication facts.  We also will continue to develop our discussions about math with number talks and open ended math questions.  The combination of individual, partner, and group work, and encouraging conversations about math, helps develop students knowledge, understanding, and thinking skills in numeracy.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about our work!  

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