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November 10th

The class has been fortunate to have an awesome teacher candidate working with us - Mrs. Couturier.  

We recognized the importance of Rememberance Day today, and created a thoughtful wreath for display at the assembly.  The picture is posted on my twitter feed.  

We have concluded our work in Science - Rocks and Minerals - with a fairly extensive look at different rocks and minerals and the rock cycle using five separate stations.  This allowed me to work with one group at a time, and have conversations with the students about rocks and minerals.  We have started Social Studies, but it will be delving into the topic in more depth next week.  We will be investigating different regions in Canada (political and physical).  

I return to students marks for their reading responses and e-mails.  Much of our Language Arts work so far this year has been using the Halton Cloud.  I will ask students to record their marks in their agendas for these two pieces of work:  please ask to review what they completed at home.  

Reading logs will be coming home on Monday.  I have asked for a parent comment on the reading log, as I would like you to be involved in your child's reading.  Discussions about books is a great way to improve their reading.  Conversations about goals to set or what they enjoyed is also very valuable.  Much of the time (depending on what is occuring in the classroom) students will complete a reading response after the reading logs are due.  Ask your child to take a look at their reading response - they are very cool!  

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