What's Happening!

Reading Log, and September update

Hello everyone!  As I write this, we are just wrapping up our second week of school - it has been a rewarding and fun week with lots of great learning.  I have enjoyed getting to know students, as well as re-connecting with students who were in my grade three class last year.  Some highlights for me have included collaborating on and creating our collaborative art piece, exploring the 'cricket' field outside, and working with students to develop strong independent work skills.  

Today was our first library day.  Students were able to check out two library books, and were encouraged to take at least one of their books home.  Read Every Day (RED) duotangs were also sent home.  Students should be reading every day, for a minimum of ten minutes.  

In math, students are currently learning about place value, and will then learn about rounding. For Science, we have started the year with a unit on Habitats.  

Please remember to get in touch with me if you have any questions. 

Hello! September Letter Home

Welcome back to another school year!   I am super excited to be back after an adventurous summer. 


A bit about me

Last year, I taught grade three, and had a fantastic year with a great group of students.  Since I am now teaching grade four, I do know many of the students in this class very well.  Building and strengthening community is an important part of what we do throughout the year, and I am confident that students new to Tecumseh or returning from virtual school will be warmly welcomed. 


My goal as a teacher is to have kids enjoy coming to school and learning.  I have a strong interest in social justice and helping students develop their ideas and opinions.  We will spend time at the beginning of the year talking about strategies for mental health, developing our routines and work habits, and learning outdoors.  


Safety protocols to do with covid-19 will continue this year, with some changes.  Extra-curriculars will be offered, and Physical Education and Music will look more familiar. However, students will continue to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer regularly. Please ensure that your child is always dressed appropriately for the weather, as we will go outside rain or shine. We will be using lockers this year, but a good sturdy backpack will continue to be an essential tool for your child. 



Many parents and students would like to know the school supplies they should be purchasing for school. The school will provide each student the materials they need for class. If you wish, your child is welcome to have a pencil case with school supplies as well. 


I love taking kids outside to learn, and plan to do that as much as possible. As I mentioned, please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather, rain or shine.  They are welcome to have at school a pair of shoes to change into when they are in the classroom. Students will need running shoes for Phys Ed on Thursday and Friday, and since we walk outside regularly they should have a comfortable pair of shoes at school daily.



I use several different tools to communicate between home and school.  


My website is located at msreid.ca.  Please take a look and bookmark this site, as it includes many student resources, our classroom Twitter feed, a bit of information about myself, and a homework section which will be updated nightly.  


Remind is an extremely helpful tool I use which allows me to send text messages or emails to parents with reminders. I find it to be tremendously useful to have all parents receiving the same information, and it is convenient to have information sent to your phone or e-mail.  I found it to be particularly helpful during the spring, when we were all learning at home, as I could easily communicate with all parents at once. Included in this package are paper instructions, but a link is also provided under the homework section of msreid.ca.  If you are already receiving remind messages from me, there is no need to sign up again this year. 


Twitter is another helpful tool that I use to share some of our class activities.  My Twitter handle is @JenniferReid18 if you wish to follow me.


Finally, if you wish to contact me I am available via telephone at (905) 639-8330 or through e-mail at reidj@hdsb.ca - do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  


Information Sent Home

I am sending home a Student Information Form and Introducing Your Child sheet for you to complete.  I realize that I know many of the children in this class well, but additional information is always helpful, particularly insights about how your child managed remote learning. 


I have provided a paper copy of our schedule for you to keep at home. 


I am looking forward to a great year! Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.