What's Happening!

Remote Learning Update

January 8th

I hope everyone is doing well.  The class is doing great!  We have had a few technical glitches, but on the whole we are figuring out remote learning together. This is an amazing class of very kind and patient children.  So thank you. 


As school will be virtual for the next two weeks, I have a few things to touch base on: 

  1. Social Studies - In Google Classroom (GC) in the Social Studies topic, there are research notes we started before the break.  They have the information to complete this in their red SS duotangs.  Some support in completing this from a parent, grandparent, or older sibling may be helpful.  They can supplement their research with parent supervised internet searches.  It would be very helpful if these could be finished by Tuesday. 

  1. Raz Kids - Raz Kids will continue to be a helpful resource for reading.  If your child does not know how to log on, please let me know. 

  1. Reading - Next week, I will be assigning a reading log for the week.  Students should be reading daily. 

  1. Math - As you probably know, students are continuing to learn how to tell time!  Asking your child what time it is throughout the day (using analog and digital clocks) is helpful practice.  


Have a great weekend, and please get in touch if you have any questions or feedback about what is both working and not working. 

Curriculum Update

Curriculum Update November 26th

Happy Thursday! Homework has been sent home today and is due Tuesday.  The homework is about multiplication, and how it is repeated addition.  This is a concept that we have discussing through number talks since the beginning of the year. I encourage you to support your child with this work. We have started to learn multiplication facts.  The students have also been working on concepts in Geometry, in particular co-ordinate grids. This has integrated nicely with our unit in Social Studies and use of digital maps to learn about Ontario. Connected to this was some very fun work in Art, using Symmetry to create monsters, aliens, or animals. Today, we used google meet to interview two friends of mine, as well as my brother, all who live in different regions of Ontario (rural Ontario, Ottawa, and Toronto). It was extremely engaging to meet people from different parts of the province! 

In Literacy,  students have been learning how to use strong verbs and adverbs, have been reading some poetry books about peace and noting interesting words in their personal dictionaries, and preparing for our parent/teacher conferences. We finished our first read aloud - Rosie Revere, Engineer - which was a launching point for discussions about reading strategies and growth mindset. I also have integrated some of our reading for Social Studies in with Literacy.  Students read independently all the time, and we regularly meet for guided reading. We also have biweekly spelling tests. 

For homework, I have also put some vocabularly work in google classroom.  This is optional - for those students who want some additional work work and challenge.  The RED folder is due on Tuesday as well. 

Finally, we have been slowly working away on our passion projects.  Students can choose a topic of interest, and pursue research or investigate it in depth.  We are just starting the research stage, so stay tuned for more information! 


Conferences and Progress Reports

November 21

I hope everyone is keeping well during this unusual time. Life for class 3-1 continues to move along in a positive way. 

A few things.... 
1. Progress reports will arrive home electronically on Monday November 23rd. 
2. I have set up google meet for our conference for everyone who has requested an interview.  You will need to have device of some kind, and click on the google meet link provided in the invitation. Accepting the invitation is a very helpful way for me to know that you have received the information. 
3. Students have been working on selecting work for their conference, and will be bringing home a plastic sleeve of work to support their discussion during the conference. They are expected to play an active role during the conference. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

The past four weeks have flown by, and this great group of grade threes have been hard at work.  

Some highlights: 

1. Working hard inside and outside understanding measurement concepts, including how many centimetres in a metre, and how many metres are in a kilometre.  We set an ambitious goal of collectively running 200 km for Terry Fox, and today I am happy to share that we reached our goal!  In fact, we ran 206.5 km.  Each loop of the playground is 500m, so some great conversion activities and mental arithmetic helped us truly understand distance.  Additional Terry Fox activities included developing a list of 40 words to do with Terry Fox, using sticks to make a line, and writing about what we would do to change the world, as Terry Fox did.  

2. Using measurement concepts to plan the garden bed that Tecumseh is planning to build this fall.  We had a virtual meeting with parent Beth Moodie, and then measured the perimeter of the yard where six garden beds will be built.  Today, students started to plan where they think the garden beds should go. 

3. We have used many found materials to build structures out of sticks, as well as an individual bin of materials (snap cubes and wooden pieces) to build structures.  We will continue with structures, but also investigate soil so that we can make decisions for the garden bed project. 

4.  Writing a proposal to Mrs. Bate and Mr. P, to see if we could hold a fundraiser for the Save the Evidence campaign (a project to restore former residential school in Brantford).  Unfortunately, we cannot due to covid restrictions... I do have a plan as to how we can share our writing, so please stay tuned!  

A few updates... we now have chromebooks in the classroom (each child has their own).  I will use google classroom to post assignments in google classroom when students are away.  Also, you may have noticed that a RED - Read Every Day - folder has arrived home.  Daily reading is an important part of Literacy, and having it part of a daily routine is extremely important. 

Have a great weekend!  I am really enjoying teaching your kids, and even with the covid restrictions they are learning lots and having fun.  

Happy Thanksgiving.  

Congrats to us all!

We have finished our first full week as a class, and I am so excited about what we have accomplished.  We are figuring out how to wear a mask much of the day, are experts at hand sanitizing, and are embracing learning outdoors.  

In addition to learning the ropes of a new classroom and new rules and routines, we have also been learning about different curriculum areas.  I am launching the year with a fun, hands on unit in Science - Understanding Structures and Mechanisms (Note: I like to 'flip flop' between Science and Social Studies, so we will start our first Social Studies in October).  We are working hard in our daily Literacy block, and have been measuring in centimeters and meters both inside and outside.  

Despite the various new rules and routines, the students are happy, learning, and having fun.  It is great to back at school.  Happy Friday. 


This is my third year at Tecumseh Public School, and I am looking forward to a great school year.  

My goal as a teacher is to have kids enjoy coming to school and learning.  I feel that authentic learning tasks, where students are discussing and engaged in real world events, are very meaningful.  I think that problem solving and the integration of technology is important, as well as collaboration and creativity.  I am also really interested in expanding my understanding of coding, which is now part of the math curriculum.  I like to see kids engaged in learning, and develop a growth mindset.

Obviously, this is going to be a very different year.  We will be wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and learning outside a great deal.  Please ensure that your child is always dressed appropriately for the weather, as we will go out rain or shine.  We will not be using lockers, and a good backpack will be an essential tool for your child.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  My e-mail is reidj@hdsb.ca, or you can call me at the school at 905-639-8330.