What's Happening!

May update

I hope everyone is doing well!  

I have streamlined the Week at a Glance so that (I hope) it is both easier to navigate and helpful for students to determine what work they should focus on.  Work that they Must Do is green, work that they May Do is blue, and work for them to complete If They Have Time is orange.  The goal is for students to engage with the work in a way that meets their needs.  My goal is to differentiate what we are doing so that the needs of all students are met.  

At this time of year, students start to get restless as the summer months approach.  I would not be surprised if this happens when Learning at Home as well!  Your help and support to keep students engaging with the school work in any way that they can, continuing to keep up with their reading, and letting me know if your child needs help, is greatly appreciated.  Reminding your child to attend our google meets is helpful too!  

You are all amazing!  Thank you for all you are doing to support your child!  

Learning At Home!

April 3, 2020


Hello to Grade 4 Parents, Grandparents and Students! 


Welcome to Learning at Home! 


I am excited about the different learning opportunities your child and I will be able to collaborate on. 


Many of the skills that we have worked on together over the past seven months will translate well to learning at home.  This includes a good understanding of learning skills, a strong class community, and the consistent use of technology.  


Up to this point, Learning at Home (LAH), has been comprised of working on the Homework Choice Board, which has included the development of a speech (continuing work from before the break).  I have also added a few optional writing prompts for students to work on, a collaborative writing assignment and check-in, and a creative thinking assignment.  


Next week, starting on Monday, April 6th, a more formal LAH program will be starting. I will ease students into learning with some Literacy and Numeracy activities, as well as the development of a LAH classroom community.  I will be writing a report card for your child, and this work is an important part of that. 


Important Points

  1. I will be setting up a new Class 4-1 LAH Google Classroom.  

  1. On Monday, students will receive a weekly overview of their lessons that they can work through at their own pace.  I will have a weekly classroom goal and individual learning goal to help focus student attention.  

  1. As a parent, please ensure your child has a place to work and keep their school items. Start to think about a time that works well for your child to work.  

  1. My ‘office hours’ will be from 9:00 a.m. until noon. However, as you all know, I am readily available much of the time through e-mail or Remind.  




We started working on speeches several weeks before March Break.  Some students may have their speeches ready to present, while others are still working on them.  While there is no urgency to submit, I would like to see them at some point.  

  1. Speeches can be presented via video (inserting video into the table that has been added to Google Classroom) and audio (similar idea).  You can also e-mail them to me as well.  

  1. If you or your child want to experiment with Google Meet, you could then record and submit their speech that way.  

  1. I am also open to the completion of speeches in a slide-show format.  Send me an e-mail if this is appealing.  


Finally, I sent a Homework Choice Board home before the March Break.  If you or your child would like to e-mail me to let me know what they completed, and if they reached the 100 point goal, that would be fabulous.  Taking pictures to send to me also works!  


I hope everyone is doing well.  If at anytime you have any questions or concerns, send me an e-mail or a Remind message.  


Stay safe, 


Ms. Jen Reid


Unprecedented Times

April 2
I will be sending home more information tomorrow about how I see Learning at Home will look.  Information is being shared with teachers daily, and I am meeting with the Junior team teachers today.  

I miss the students and class a great deal.  However, remaining in contact via e-mail and google classroom is very meaningful.  I am excited about what we can do virtually and collaboratively to teach and learn the curriculum. 

I will be reporting on the work that we are doing, and so having a routine and schedule in your place for your child is very helpful.  I am available to support as needed.  

For today, please think about a time and location your child can work.  My son Owen and I both work at the dining room table (where I am now), and have a bin to hold our work when we are using it for other purposes.  A desk or other spot in the house that is a designated work space also works!  

Also, please ask your child to take a look at their writing portfolio and share it with me.  Let me know if they can't remember how to do this - or ask them to get in contact with one another!  

Three Weeks Off School

Saturday March 14th

Happy March Break.  I don't think anyone anticipated a week ago that we would be off school for three weeks.  As I hope you all know, I created a choice board for students to work through.  This will both give them something to do, as well as maintain (or even improve) their academic skills.  Please pay attention to remind messages, as I will stay in touch and add to the at home learning your child can do.  I encourage you to have your children read and write as much as possible during this time.  Mr. Hagar is also planning to do an on-line math lesson through google hangouts.  I successfully managed to get the assignment and homework duotang to everyone in the class, so thank you to parents for picking up work for you child if they were away.  This is a great community and I appreciate all your support.  Feedback via e-mail or remind would be helpful as well.   

A great resource msreid.ca is Ted Ed (it is located under the Language Arts section, as well as being on the Check Out These Resources! on the home page.  Lots of very interesting video clips that can support student learning.  

In the classroom, students have enjoyed an artifact case I borrowed from Joseph Brant museum.  We used the artifacts as a prompt for descriptive writing, which was really interesting; we also worked with Terri Van Loon from the board to use mindomo (a mind mapping program) as a way to brainstorm and write on a topic. 


Tumultuous and Interesting Times

February 25, 2020 

Despite the fact that there has been a great deal of disruption to our regular schedule, we have been involved with many interesting learning experiences!  We had a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Bruce Trail, with Anne Armstrong, who spoke about the history, geology, and organization of the trail.  This learning connects with our unit on Rocks and Minerals.  We participated in a virtual tour of the volcanoes of Guatamala with Learning Around the World.  We also had a workshop with Steve Paquette, an indigenous elder who spoke about the history of indigenous people and current relationships.  All of this work is connected to curriculum.  For example, in preparation of our visit with Steve, students read books about either indigenous perspectives or Black history, and identified what was important and what was interesting.  After our visit, students wrote a summary about what they learned.  We are starting our Social Studies unit on Early Societies, while wrapping up a bit of work on Rocks and Minerals.  

Last week I sent home a writing mark from student story writing (a Rocks and Minerals adventure).  Yesterday, I returned their marks for their application project/book report.  Students were asked to either take home to share with parents or put in their Language Arts binder.  Please ask them what their mark is, and do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions about term one marks or our new term two work.  

It does look like we will be in the classroom over the next two weeks.  It has been a challenging and interesting time, and I thank all parents for your ongoing support of your child's education.  It means a great deal.  


Curriculum Update

January 31

We have had a busy a productive time over the past few weeks organizing and developing our popcorn sale to help the people and animals of Australia.  We have had the popcorn donated by Cineplex in Welland (a former Tecumseh parent is a manager there).  Students have enjoyed developing and creating our media campaign, and it has brought in many areas of the curriculum.  This has included all strands of the Language Arts curriculum (media literacy, reading, writing, and oral communication).  There has been some math, as well (money, addition, estimating, volume).  Also important have been the leadership, problem solving, and social skills students have been demonstrating.  Speaking on announcements, collecting money from an older group of students, patience with younger children:  all of these opportunities have allowed this fabulous group of grade four students to gain confidence while making a difference.  

Students are enjoying our unit on Rocks and Minerals.  They have a good understanding of the different types of rocks and the rock cycle, and, after some hands on work in small groups, we will shift gears and start examining the environmental effects of mining.  

Fundraiser for Australia

We have shifted gears a bit in January with some of our Literacy work.  With the massive Australian wildfires, and devastating affect it has had on wildlife and people, it felt important to act in some way.  We are organizing a popcorn fundraiser to raise money for the Australian WWF and Red Cross.  

This campaign has many curriculum connections, including reading, writing, and media literacy.  

Happy Holidays!

December 19th, 2019
Happy Holidays!
I am extremely proud of and impressed with the class.  We have had a few exciting events to prepare for and participate in, and the students have responded with flying colours.  

Our presentation of Giants Steps to Change the World was excellent.  Students were well-prepared and flexible, and did a fabulous job!  I love the fact that the book had a great deal of content as well. 

The Habitats test the following day was also, on the whole, well done.  There are a few students who still need to write the test, and I am also offering a re-write.  This will occur the week we return.  (With our learning fair, and other holiday activities, there were too many interuptions this week).  Most students did quite well on the test. 

Finally, our community learning fair yesterday was fabulous!  We had a few parents visit, and four classes as well.  I have had a great deal of positive feedback from other teachers and students.  

Please remind your child to read daily over the break.  Continued daily reading will maintain, and possibly advance, their reading progress.  Let me know if you have any questions.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday break.  It has been a fun and rewarding fall, and I look forward to continued learning in the new year.  

Happy Holidays! 
Ms. Reid :)

A busy, fun week!

December 5, 2019

Time has flown by!  I can't believe it is just about two weeks until the Christmas break.  

We have had a busy (and fun) week!  Today, we watched a movie as a marble reward, as well as a bit of a holiday party.  Tonight is the family dance party.  And yesterday was our very interesting and informative trip to the RBG.  

Next Thursday December 12th is our holiday performance, in which class 4-1 will have a presentation.  It would be amazing if all students could be there.  Please let me know if your child cannot attend.

The class is nearing the end of our unit on Habitats.  Today, I passed out a review guide, which is due on December 11.  I will return it the same day so students can review their notes in preparation of a test on December 13th.  I realize that this is the day after the holiday performance, however, there will be much preparation time provided and I do not think it will interefere, particularly if students are organized.  

We have also started one final project in Habitats.  It will culminate in a community learning fair on December 18th, during periods one and two.  Stay tuned!  


This is my second year at Tecumseh Public School, and I am looking forward to a great school year.  

My goal as a teacher is to have kids enjoy coming to school and learning.  I feel that authentic learning tasks, where students are discussing and engaged in real world events, are very meaningful.  I think that problem solving and the integration of technology is important, as well as collaboration and creativity.  I am also really interested in expanding my understanding of coding.  I like to see kids engaged in learning, and develop a growth mindset.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  My e-mail is reidj@hdsb.ca, or you can call me at the school at 905-639-8330.  

Lots of Learning!

October 4th

Happy Friday!  Just a quick update on some of the many happenings in Grade 4.  

Curriculum update

In Language Arts, we have been working on understanding the writing process, word work, paragraph writing, and establishing independent reading routines.   Today, a home reading log was sent home, along with some word work. Students should read five times a week, and submit their reading logs with the completed word work on Thursday.  This will arrive home weekly.  

In Social Studies, we completed our quiz today on provinces and their capitals.  We are continuing with Social Studies for a bit with an investigation into landform and climatic regions.  

In Art, students are reviewing colour schemes and learning new colour groupings.  They are mid way through a line and colour project. In Music, students have participated in musical activities that involve listening, creating, and performing (e.g., singing, moving, playing instruments such as rhythm sticks and hand drums).  Math has had a focus on addition, subtraction, and now students are shifting gears to division and multiplication.  

Terry Fox run

We participated in the Terry Fox run.  Students ran and walked around the school property, and as a class we raised $45.  Our Tiger Trait for this month has been connected to Courage. Today students reflected on how they were going to demonstrate Courage throughout October. 


Look for a trip form coming home on Monday.  We are going to the Dundas Valley Conservation Area on October 29th as part of our unit on Habitats (it will be early in the unit, and a fun way to start it).  


Great First Week!

Happy Sunday, everyone!  We had a great first week back to school in grade four, and I am looking forward to next week.  Tomorrow, I am going to share with students our draft classroom agreements.  This is something we have worked on as a whole class and in small groups.  Our first draft has six points to it.  They are:  We want to be engaged in learning and loving school.  We will move around the room in an organized and controlled way.  We will work together as a team to complete our jobs and make sure everything works well.  We will be respectful, kind and inclusive to everyone.  We will take a break if needed.  We will listent attentively and quickly, and work quietly.  Feedback is more than welcome!  

We start our first unit in Social Studies tomorrow - Canadian regions.  There are many opportunities for integration with other subjects - particularly Language.  Stay tuned for a quiz on provinces and their capitals. 

Social Studies - Compass Directions

September 13 
We had a great second week in Grade 4!  I have written out and posted our Class Agreements, and every student has signed it.  We have started our unit in Social Studies, which is on Canadian Regions.  Students have learned about the cardinal directions (N, S, E, and W), and are learning about mapping conventions.  We will be spending time learning about provinces and capitals - look out for information about a quiz!  I will send home a review guide next to support studying.  I hope to see parents and families at Meet the Teacher this Thursday. 

No Homework Yet... but coming soon

September 20
It was fabulous to meet many of the parents and families for class 4-1 last night.  We have almost everyone signed up for Remind, and while students can still choose to write in their agendas, much of the communication home will be through Remind.  As a parent, I find Remind to be a very helpful tool as the text message arrives directly to my phone.  

This week, we learned about characteristics of maps, and labelled and coloured in a map of Canada.  Students should be learning and memorizing the capitals and the provinces.  I will be sending home a study guide next week for a quiz that will occur the week of September 30th.  

Google Classroom

October 19

The G Suite for Education (formerly known as the Halton Cloud) is a powerful tool used by the HDSB (and many other school boards as well) for a variety of purposes.  Some of these applications include google docs, which can be used for word processing, but also collaboration.  Google Slides is used for presentations, and Google Classroom allows teachers to assign school work, as well as facilitate conversations for students.  There are three assignments in google classroom right now:  a completed Social Studies Google Earth assignment, a writing assignment about taking a trip to the Cordillera, and a math review sheet for a test on Monday.  Please take a look them with your child this weekend.  Some time reviewing for the test will of course be valuable for everyone.  Students had time to work on their stories in class; finishing them up at home is possible as well.  The link to the G Suite for Education is located at the top right corner of this web-site.  Students should be able to independently log in; however, if they have forgotten their password send me a quick message and I will send it to you as soon as I can.  Note:  I am going to the TiCat game today with my kids, so will not be able to do this from 3:00 on!  Will post pictures on twitter!  Once into g-suite for education, students click on the 'waffle' (nine small squares in upper right hand corner), which will present a list of apps.  Click on google classroom, and the assignments will be there. 

I am looking forward to our first trip on the 29th of October.  We are going to the Dundas Valley Conservation Area, in the beautiful Dundas Valley.  We will be learning about the environment and Habitats, and do a bit of learning in the classroom in advance of the trip.  We also just found out about an amazing opportunity to go to the Royal Botanical Gardens, which will be a free trip for us in early December.  It will be an amazing way to 'bookend' the unit - with field trips to some of our local natural treasures.  

Also over the next week we will be practicing for and writing the CCAT.  

Homework Update

October 25th

Students have been great at submitting their yellow homework duotangs.  However, the completion of the reading has been inconsistent.  The weekly homework includes 20 minutes of reading/night five nights a week.  Both parent/guardian and student needs to initial.  This is an important routine to be in.  Students who read 20 minutes a day end up explosed to a total of 1.8 million words per year!  I find with my own children that not only their reading, but also all of their schoolwork, including learning skills, improves dramatically when they read daily.  

It is also extremely important that students complete the weekly assigned homework.  This has been word work up to this week, but tonight I am sending home a reading assignment with venn diagram.  Students should read once on their own, and once out loud with a parent/guardian.  They also need to complete a venn diagram.  

Thank you all for your support.  Have a great weekend!  

Trip to Dundas Valley reports

November 8
We are hard at work right now on our Canadian regions project.  We are looking at how landscape and climate affect the activities we do, the resources we have, and how that impacts what types of jobs there are. We will then look at how humans affect the environment, and specific habitats, which will then connect with our unit on Habitats.  

Below are a few reports from students on our trip to the Dundas Valley. 

Trip to the Dundas Valley by CC
When I was at the dundas valley I saw some really neat things like salamanders these really big spiders called wolf spiders and tons more!

The Lab
In the lab there were really neat things too there were so many pelts scattered all over the shelves! There were lots of dead animals that were stuffed they looked like real animals paused in time there were also really cool bones and fossils

The Hike
The hike was the best part of the entire trip there was so much stuff! But it sucks that we were too loud to see any mammals.

Trip to the Dundas Valley by AS 
At Dundas Valley we saw a wolf spider that was crawling on a log. It was very big! I was so happy I was there. I also saw a slug that was the biggest slug I've ever seen. We saw animal fur that we got to touch. I got to stand beside the lady who showed us around the conservation area when she put garbage in with the worms so they could eat it. It smelled disgusting! I loved walking through all the beautiful leaves and exploring in the nature. I am going to be sure to go back someday.

Social Studies and Science Update

November 23rd

Just a quick update of where we are in Social Studies and Science, in particular with the slide show.  It has been an effective process and strong effort by the class, with lots of deep learning. Students selected a Canadian region to explore (interestingly, many chose the Arctic). 

Using a variety of levelled books and resources, they conducted research and completed a graphic organizer, thinking about how the landscape has an effect on what we do (both for fun and in industry or jobs), and how we have an effect on the environment.  This information was provided through articles linked through a map in google classroom, in an assignment entitled The Effect of People on the Envrionment.  Using Google Read and Write, students highlighted information from the article, and were able to extract the highlights into a separate document.  It is a very cool feature that allows students to get to the main point of a reading. 

The information from the article was then used to answer the questions:  How do humans impact the environment?  Students added an additional slide for this, as well as Questions I have.  One final slide on Habitats, which then integrates Science in with Social Studies, will be added to next week, and the entire slide show (finally!) submitted.  

Please check in with your slide to see how they are progressing with the slide show.  Some work this weekend, particularly on adding the information on the next two slides, will be helpful.  Send me a message if you have any questions.