Letter Home - December 7, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Over the course of the fall, class 4-4 has worked hard on building community and on their school work, and December seems like a good month to celebrate. Students have requested to have an "electronics day", and Thursday, December 21st is the proposed date. Students are invited to bring an electronic device to school on this day. While I do not anticipate any problems, and the portable will be locked, please do recognize that if an electronic device is brought to school Bruce Trail is not responsible for loss or damage.

Also, to connect with Bruce Trail's current monthly theme of "Generosity", I would like to organize a holiday gift exchange. Students will randomly choose a name of another student in the class to give a gift to - this has been referred to as a 'secret Santa' gift exchange. I am suggesting a unique spin on this idea: to either regift something, or to make this gift. The intent behind a regift or made gift is to focus on reducing our environmental footprint, as well as to focus on creativity and giving instead of purchasing. The gifts could be as simple as finding and wrapping a gently used toy or stuffed animal, or making something new out of extra Lego pieces.

I am asking that parents play a role in this, and help students in having their gifts prepared and wrapped by Tuesday, December 19th. We will have our gift exchange on Wednesday, December 20th. This will be a fun way to get ready for our winter break.

If you are supportive of this idea please complete the form that was sent home by December 13th.

Ms. Reid