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Spring does appear to be slowly emerging, although the cool temperatures mean that students should continue to wear warm clothes.  We have been trying to get outside as often as possible; we have been walking to the nearby pond on a regular basis, and have noticed many different types of bird and plant life.  We have also noticed how the environment has been... Read More

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One way I like to build students' writing skills is through a blog. Each student will be able to publish her/his writing work and once we all have created a blog there will be links posted on the Blogs page.

On the Blogs page you will also be able to learn more about how to create your own blog entry, and learn about our success criteria, including the editing checklist.

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A bit about me... 

This is my third year at Bruce Trail Public School, and I am excited about teaching class 4-4!

Before I became a teacher, I worked in several museums in the Toronto and Hamilton area giving guided tours to adults and educational programs to students.  I enjoyed working with kids the most, and realized I wanted to have a bigger impact on children than a hour visit.  I attended Brock University, and spent some time teaching in the United States before moving back to Canada.  

My goal as a teacher is to have kids enjoy coming to school and learning.  I feel that authentic learning tasks, where students are discussing and engaged in real world events, are very meaningful.  I am passionate about social justice, and plan to incorporate that into our classroom.  I also do view inquiry as an important process that helps students drive their own learning.  

I think kids need movement breaks as well as opportunities to collaborate and opportunities to work independently.  I am excited about some of my new learning which I will bring into the classroom this year, which include mindfulness and restorative practice circles as a way to learn and build community.